Who Am I?

I’m me (Wendy Means)! And that means many things. I’m a mom, a foster mom, a wife, a friend, a painter, a poet, a lover of fairy tales and funny things. I have two adorable, smart, and gorgeous children and a loving husband.

Uniquely You Planning

What Do I Do?

Well, I can start by saying I did not want to be a wedding planner when I grew up (I wanted to be a Broadway Dancer). But, no matter how bright the lights of Broadway called to me, I was ushered down other paths. (For Full Bio see below.) Starting college seemed like a logical first step, even though at the time, I did not know what I wanted to do.


I figured it out, and I’m doing it! 
I have planned well over 300 weddings and events (some for an event center/some private) over almost 15 years in the industry. Because most of my experience was in the Twin Cities I feel I have an “Offbeat” kind of view about weddings.


Brides and Grooms that want something unique and outside the box are right up my alley!


Pictures of Wendy Means

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Wendy Means – Wedding Ceremony Officiant
and Wedding/Event Planner

Wendy Means is the owner and president of Uniquely You Planning. She holds a BS in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations and a minor in Travel and Tourism from Saint Cloud State University.

While in Minnesota at Saint Cloud State University, Wendy worked as a volunteer intern planning non-profit events for The Land of Lakes Girl Scouts. She coordinated fundraising events, designed annual reports and published brochures and newsletters. She was so successful that The Land of Lakes Girl Scouts requested she extend her internship through graduation.

Before graduating college, Wendy was offered the position of Wedding Coordinator with the premiere wedding and social event venue in the Twin Cities, BayView View Event Center and Charter Cruises in Excelsior, MN on Lake Minnetonka. During her stay at BayView, Wendy planned over 300 weddings and events both in the event center and on the six yachts in their fleet. Wendy is a member of the Associations of Bridal Consultants and has earned the designation of Professional Bridal Consultant. She is also the founder of the British Institute of Wedding Planning Professionals.

Born and raised in Billings, MT, Wendy returns to lend her education and urban experience to the community she calls home.

Who Are We?
Neil “Nacho” Stanford – Associate Officiant

166448_10150124643880569_7084243_nNeil “Nacho” Stanford has been ordained and performing wedding ceremonies for almost twenty years now. His favorites are the ones that have a unique flare or an interesting theme. He fancies himself a writer and enjoys coming up with the ceremony that fits you while adhering to some of the most common of traditions that match your preferences. Neil also enjoys getting dressed up, whether it be in a fancy dress kilt, or as a beloved character from movies or television; if you have an idea he can make the outfit to match. He is looking forward to helping make your special day as great as you’ve always imagined, and if you haven’t imagined it quite yet he’s pretty good at coming up with ideas that will fit your personalities. He is excited for the opportunity to help plan your perfect event.