Chalkboard Wedding Cakes

wedding-cake-2-08292014nzAs many of you know chalkboards have recently taken weddings by storm. They fit right into the rustic theme so many brides are recreating right now. Well what about a chalkboard wedding cake? Now, I see you making that icky face and imagining a cake that tastes like chalk. BUT, what if I told you that you can achieve the chalkboard look without using chalk? Would you be interested? I know I was. 

There are several different ways to achieve the chalkboard cake look. One, way is to brush the whole cake with some icing sugar over black fondant (click on the picture to see a full tutorial).faed6cce23837791e9a1f14d15b5d665

Here are some of my favorite designs:












I predict this chalkboard cake trend is going to explode!!!

Happy Planning!