• What if I have to postpone my wedding?

    When a wedding is rescheduled I have to plan it all over again. The elements of your wedding may remain the same but when the date changes I have to first make sure that I am not committed to another event on your new date. I also have to reconfirm that your original vendors are available on the day and negotiate additional deposits if required. In some cases the entire concept of the wedding changes because a couple cannot use the venue they had originally chosen. For this reason, I feel that it is necessary to have a surcharge for any wedding that is postponed for more than three months from the original date or our contract with you will be terminated. I invite all couples in this situation to create a new contract with Uniquely You Planning and offer a $50 discount if they choose to do so. Please keep in mind that the new contract will be based on the most current price list.
  • Will Wendy Means be the wedding planner that shows up on my wedding day?

    I have a qualified team of planners. While I try my best to be present at each wedding day booked by Uniquely You Planning occasionally this in not possible for either personal or professional reasons. I would never surprise a bride and not show up on her wedding day when I was expected unless there was an extreme emergency. If a planner other than me is going to coordinate your wedding day we will all sit down for a meeting so that you feel comfortable with the situation.
  • What if I cancel my wedding?

    I am always sad to hear of a canceled wedding. However, I do stand by our contract. Our retainer fee is non-refundable and if your balance has been paid then that is also non-refundable.
  • Is my deposit refundable?

    No it is not. It is actually not a deposit but a retainer fee. I will turn away other brides for your wedding date once I receive your retainer fee. I also start working on your wedding right away. The majority of the coordination occurs in the beginning stages of the planning process.
  • What if there is a natural disaster or a death on the wedding day?

    If a natural disaster occurs on your wedding day I will do my best to help you proceed with your day as planned. This would also be the case if there was a recent death in the family. If I am unable to do so I will help you to reschedule your wedding for the next day if at all possible. These events can occur and I will try to have everything run as smoothly as possible under the circumstances.
  • What do I do if my financial situation changes and my wedding expenses seem out of control?

    First of all you will always know what you are spending on your wedding by keeping track of each quote or invoice in my popular wedding budget spreadsheet. This will help you to evaluate where you could cut costs. Come to me with any financial concerns you are having and I can give you tips and tricks on creating a more frugal wedding day.
  • Where do we meet to discuss out wedding? Do you have office space?

    I have a home office in Laurel. This keeps the overhead costs to a minimum and I pass those savings onto my clients with great package prices. Our meetings will occur in the most convenient place for you…lunch break, coffee shop, your home – whatever works best for you.
  • Why is there an extra charge for room setup at the community hall we booked? (The Billings Depot is the same.)

    When a couple rents out a community hall for their wedding reception they often don’t realize that setting up the tables and chairs in the appropriate places is not included in the hall rental. In addition when you hire a caterer, setting up the tables and chairs is not included in their contract either. Some couples are able to go in the night before and set things up but it has been our experience that the majority of times when I have been hired for wedding day coordination or full wedding planning it is expected that my team will set up the tables and chairs. This is not included in either of the above mentioned packages and therefore there is a separate charge for this service which is a mandatory charge if I am coordinating a wedding at a community hall. If I arrive to a community hall completely set up with tables and chairs this charge is refunded.
  • What is this “Wedding Day Emergency Kit” that you talk about in your packages?

    This kit is a giant bag filled with all sorts of tools I use to make sure that everything on your wedding day runs smoothly. I have a granola bar for the dizzy bridesmaid, water for the parched groom, an umbrella for the bride on a rainy day. I have even turned a pin on corsage into a wrist corsage using this bag and pinned up fallen bustles. From bobby pins to Tylenol I make sure that if you might need it on your wedding day, I have it with me.
  • I have so many wedding etiquette issues. Can you help me sort this out?

    We have a great package for this. It’s called “A Little Help.” You can sit down with me for an hour and a half and discuss as many wedding related questions as we can fit into that time.
  • Family and friends keep telling us what kind of wedding to have. How can a wedding planner help?

    It is my policy to only take direction from the bride and the groom. With Uniquely You Planning you do not have to worry about showing up on your wedding day to pink roses instead of white. Every decision is made by the wedding couple. Moms and bridesmaids are totally welcome to participate in the planning process but the most important thing is that you are happy. Having a wedding planner can help you deal with insistent family and friends. I can give you helpful tips in regards to incorporating every one’s ideas into your day and help you to make everyone feel special.
  • Why can’t you pay all my vendors for me? Why do I have to have a contract with each one?

    I really feel that it is important for you to establish a relationship with each vendor that will be a part of your wedding day. That is why I encourage you to discuss your ideas directly with that individual. For example, this is important when dealing with an invitation company so they are clear on your vision. However, I do need to be kept in the loop as my role is dependent on being a part of each aspect of your wedding. There are certain vendors that will communicate solely with Uniquely You Planning. There are a lot of details to work out with venues and caterers. You hired us to take care of those details and turn to you for guidance and decisions when needed. I make sure that the bride and groom that want to be heavily involved are able to do so and those that prefer to be at arm’s length are accommodated as well.
  • What if I have a complaint about one of the vendors you have recommended to me?

    Please come to me first and explain the situation calmly. Weddings are so wonderful to be involved in because they are based around the intense emotions between two people. However, because emotions are involved, troubling situations can arise. As your wedding planner I am here to help you with each step of your wedding planning process. I will do my best to mediate any situation that arises. Please keep in mind that misunderstandings do happen as the majority of brides and grooms are dealing with people through email. It’s tough to know what someone really meant when you can’t hear the tone of their voice or see their facial expression.
  • How do I know that the vendors you recommend are the best choice for my wedding?

    I am very active in the wedding community locally. As I attend various bridal fairs, association events, and plan many weddings I get to know the wedding vendors and suppliers that are doing the same. I have no exclusivity with any wedding suppliers so I have worked with a variety of people. That is not to say that I don’t have my favorites, because I do. These are individuals that I have gotten to know well and who provide excellent quality products, services, and customer care. I do recommend these individuals more often than not because I know that I can trust them to make my clients happy. However, if you have found a supplier that I have not worked with before I am open to working with them too.
  • How long will I have to wait to hear back in regards to potential venues and wedding suppliers?

    Keep in mind that I may not have results for you immediately after receiving your deposit. It takes time to research the different elements of your wedding and to contact potential vendors. You and your finance are unique and I never plan the same wedding twice! Please be patient and know that I am working diligently on your wedding.
  • What happens after I have signed my contract and you have received my deposit?

    I start working on your wedding right away! If you have any other questions please feel free to Email me. (406) 850-1879