Food For Thought- 10 Alternative Wedding Food Ideas

The food you serve at your wedding is what will fuel the party, it will be noted and noticed by your guests and whether it is good or bad it will be talked about for long after the day is over.
With the ever-increasing cuisine choices out there these days and many venues that will allow outside catering or even DIY catering the choices are endless.

I got chatting to a bride and groom about unique food options and this got me thinking about all the other different options out there to cater for your guests at your wedding or event, here are a few of my favorites.

1) Food Trucks
Those delicious-smelling food trucks that you’re seeing everywhere? Yeah, those aren’t just for your quick weekday lunch anymore — they’re the next big wedding catering idea.

2) Afternoon Tea
Serve a typically British afternoon tea. Dainty sandwiches, cakes, scones and jam, all served on beautiful crockery with plenty of champers is sure to impress and is something your guests won’t  be expecting.

3) Food Stations
Have a selection of food stations dotted around the venue and theme each of them differently with a speciality of food to give your guests a choice. For example Thai, seafood, mini burgers, salad bar, decadent desserts, the choices are endless.

4) Crumpets!
Ok so perhaps not for your first meal as a married couple, but these would be great for an evening pick me up during the party. This company do a range of toppings both sweet and savoury.

5) Hog Roast
Give you wedding a festival vibe with a hog roast on a spit. Slow cooked and delicious, serve with baps, apple sauce and a range of salads and new potatoes.

6) Something Sweet
An ice cream trike is always going to be popular. Guests can grab a cone and wonder around rather than having to sit down at a table.

7) Cheese & Wine
If you are having a later ceremony and your guests will have eaten before hand then how about a sophisticated cheese and wine affair? Serve up a range of cheeses on a wooden board on each table, complete with crackers, chutney and figs. You could also add different breads, olives and cold meats and paté’s if you wanted to bulk it up a bit. Select wines to partner with your cheeses beautifully.

8) Fish n Chips
Served in a mini cone as canapés or as a party snack.

9) Oysters & Tabasco
Serve on trays in big wooden crates stacked with ice and lemon, with a glass of champers to accompany them, naturally!

10) Pie and Mash
I will never forget the wedding I went to where at around 10pm pie and mash was served up! Complete with mushy peas and gravy of course. After hours of drinking this was very well received by all the guests!

There are many more alternative catering ideas out there, but hopefully these few have got those cogs turning if the traditional sit down meal is not for you.

Happy eating!