Game of Thrones seems to be the talk of the town these days + even though I don’t watch the show, I can certainly appreciate the beauty emanating from this styled shoot based on the epic fantasy series! More from Candice Benjamin Photography, the photographer + co-stylist behind the shoot:
The HBO series Game of Thrones has become a pop-culture phenomenon that has drawn many viewers into the beauty and passion of the world of Westeros, created by author George R. R. Martin. While the tales are often full of deceit and violence, the rich and regal texture of this world of kings and queens – and even dragons – provides romantic visual inspiration for a wedding day of legendary beauty. We first started gathering simple ideas and wanted to create something that was inspired by nature and the mythical beauty of the kingdom of Westeros. Something that alluded to scenes of royalty without necessarily screaming “period piece” – we wanted it to be relevant to someone that was a fan of the show, but keep it modern + current. Look for the house sigils (symbols of prominent families in Westeros) throughout the design, including the printed materials, + of course the cake.
And to all of the fans out there who may be thinking of a specific wedding from the novels and tv series, don’t worry – our goal was to draw inspiration from the world of Westeros and the feel of the series without following a specific character or plot line. Unlike the source material, this inspiration wedding will not leave you crying in the corner!
There is so much to be inspired by, from the ridiculously pretty floral design + styling by Pixies Petals to the amazing cake by The Cake Mamas! How many of you are big fans of Game of Thrones?

The attire of the wedding party takes rustic materials like fur and leather and regal silhouettes and translates them into a stylish, modern look.

Seriously, how incredible are the florals?! Loving the rich color palette!

The gorgeous cake brings in mixed metallic tones, the Iron Throne, a map of Westeros, and even a sword piercing the four lower tiers. So detailed + unique…

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