Hot Wedding Ring Trends For 2010

On Mike and Carrie’s Wedding Website they posted an article on hot ring trends for 2010. Check it out:
Wedding is the event that binds two hearts, body and souls together for a lifetime. The wedding is sealed and stamped with exchange of rings by bride and the groom.
Wedding rings are not ordinary rings. It should reflect your individuality and style. Traditionally, the bride and the groom wore rings of the aforementioned design. Stylish bands in different metals, colors and designs now replace this trend.300x300_Copy-of-Picture.300
So, what are the hot wedding trends for 2010?
Diamond Rings: Diamonds are women’s prizewinning friends. Diamonds module rest trendy eternally. Some of the most favourite trend in parcel rings is 14k Two Tone Diamond Wedding Band. These rings become in white and metallic colors.
14k White Gold Diamond Wedding Bands: White metallic and parcel is a superb combination, again which module always rest trendy. Based on your budget, you can either hit diamonds fixed all over the ring, or you haw hit just 2 or 3 diamonds. The cost of the anulus module depend on the weight and clarity of the diamond. You can expect to spend over $500 and more for a beautiful parcel ring.
Gold Wedding Rings are just as favourite and module continue to be so in 2010. Buying rings in metallic is an investment, as the value of metallic module always increase. Some of the hot trends in 2010 in metallic anulus would be 14K Gold Tri-Color wedding bands in comfort fit, 14k Gold Designer Wedding Bands and 14k Gold European Comfort Fit Wedding Bands.
Celtic wedding bands are currently hot favorite amongst young brides and groom. These rings are handcrafted and are considered as piece of art.
Tungsten Carbide Wedding Bands: There is an upcoming trend of using high school metals in wedding rings. This trend part rose cod to very high prices of metallic and parcel rings and part cod to the stylish revilement and design acquirable in these rings. As against the price of $1000 and more for a parcel wedding ring, tungsten carbide anulus is acquirable for around $100.
Hence for people, who want to revilement cost, yet rest trendy, opt for tungsten carbide rings,
Rings made in tungsten carbide & zirconiums are also considered hot as these become in superb finish.
Titanium Wedding Rings: Titanium is a lightweight metal and is one of the upcoming trends in designer jewelry. Additionally, these rings become in economy range. For people not wanting to splurge hard on wedding bands, titanium rings offer the prizewinning solution.