How To Hold Your Bouquet

bride holding bouquet to high1-1
Think about all the weddings you have attended and you will realize there are several ways to hold the bouquet. Depending on the design of the bouquet, there are specific ways to hold them. You have seen at some weddings the attendants holding their flowers in different manners instead of all the same way. It looks strange when comparing the rest of the details of the wedding plans that were done with such care.
It is important how the flowers are held. The guests will notice if an attendant is hugging the flowers as if they are uncomfortable. This detracts from the rest of the beauty of the wedding. Having an attendant hold the flowers with poise and confidence will make all the differences in the world.
Think about the planning and cost of the flowers for the wedding. Any bride will agree that she wants the flowers to be displayed in a certain manner. The bride knows how she wants the flowers displayed just as she knows how she wants the girls to walk down the aisle and how to stand during the ceremony.
Here are some ideas for the wedding flowers. Avoid designing the flowers so they are too heavy. The lighter designs will be better for the attendants when having to hold the flowers for the pictures and the ceremony.
Hold the flowers at the belly level when carrying them. The elbows are slightly bent and relaxed. This creates a more comfortable level for the attendants and it will present a uniform appearance if everyone uses the same level for the flowers. It is also a great way to hide any shaking hands from the extremely nervous time of being on display.
Hold the blooms of the flowers towards the guests. Allow the guests to see the beautiful flowers you have taken the time to design and select for your special day.
If the designs of the bouquets are a sheaf of flowers, rest the bouquets in the elbow area of the arm such as cradling a baby. This is easier for the long time the attendants will be holding the flowers. This is how pageant members carry their flowers if you need another example.
During the ceremony if the flowers are too heavy or in the way, have large sturdy vase set near the front of the area of the ceremony to place the flowers. This helps to avoid thinking too much about the flowers instead of enjoying ceremony. If this is not something the bride wants to use, have the attendants pass the flowers from one to another with the maid of honor holding the brides flowers. The attendant on the end of the line can place her bouquet on a chair until the ceremony is over and the flowers will be returned to the right attendants.
Make a point to be prepared with ideas regarding the bouquets so all of the hard work and planning for the wedding includes the right displays of the beautiful bouquets.