Save Money On Wedding Favors

Buying inexpensive wedding favors for the reception is possible when taking the time to use your imagination. After all of the other costs associated with the wedding you will be so happy to save money with the little party favors you want to have for the reception.
Guests love candy. You can buy candy they can munch on during the reception until the food and cake is served. The candy can be any selection that is very inexpensive so you can buy a great deal. Buy the candy in bulk to really save money at stores such as Sam’s Club or Costco.
Add to the charm of the candy by using colorful clear wrap to wrap the candies in or little gift boxes that are sold in bulk that you can decorate to coordinate with the theme of the wedding. Place the candy on the tables and in a basket allowing the guests to get more when they run out.
Some candy ideas include Jelly Bellies in your wedding colors, salt-water taffy, heart shaped candies such as the kind for Valentine’s Day, and gummy bears. These are all favorites of all ages. The kids will love the candy and the older sweet tooth will appreciate the sweet munchies you provide. Other ideas include M&M, chocolate kisses, peppermints, and licorice sticks. Get a variety of candy to meet the tastes of everyone.
Some of the online stores that have candy in bulk and discounted prices are Oriental Trading Company,, and Candy You Ate as a Kid. The more you purchase the more you will save when using the online stores. If you plan far enough in advance you can take advantage of the free shipping for the longer delivery times.
Consider buying little boxes, bags, jars, or tins as wedding favors. You can package the candies or other items including spices and tea bags inside. This makes a really neat favor for all your guests. Add a few items in the containers and make a huge impression with each gift for all the guests.
The wedding favors you have at your reception are as unlimited as your imagination. Do not think because the items are inexpensive they will not be appreciated. The people coming to your wedding and reception realize you have already spent a great deal of money on the rest of the wedding. They will appreciate anything you give them at the reception. They know you have taken the time to make a special gift for them, which is all that really matters to many guests.
Since many of the people coming to your wedding and reception are friends and family, they know you are providing little gifts to them to say you are glad they shared the day with you. They are not attending for the gifts you are giving but the bonus of the inexpensive wedding favors will be appreciated when you personalize them.