Save Money on Your Wedding

I found this article in the Canadian Press about easy ways to save money on your wedding. There are definitely items in this article I agree and disagree with in this. See my comments below in bold:

Easy money-saving ideas for any wedding

Looking for ways to save on your big day? Here are some easy tips:

-Be your own DJ. Creating your own iPod playlist for the evening saves cash and makes sure you won’t hear the “Funky Chicken” for the third time.

Quite honestly, I do not agree with this idea. Your entertainment is one of the most important parts of your reception. The DJ/Band is literally the life of the party. Imagine your dance without the lights, sound, action and most importantly the feeling.

If you need to save money this is one way, however I recommend letting this be a last resort.

-Make it a brunch or a cocktail party. If you want a cheaper menu, switch the time of day or stick to finger food. (Note that a buffet isn’t always cheaper than a sit-down meal.)

Brunch is one of my FAVORITE wedding reception ideas. I have one coming up that I am really excited about. The event starts out with butler passed mini-pancakes topped with blueberries, mini Monte Christos and pigs in a blanket. For Bruch they are starting with a mimosa pour, and then their guests will be dismissed to a full brunch buffet with made to order omelet station. For dessert they will offer their guest mini cheese cakes. Because of the time of day everything is less expensive including the food. This is a GREAT option that your guests will remember.

-Raise the bar. An open bar is a big expense, even though most guests will stick to champagne and wine. Instead, create a specialty cocktail or two and choose a mid-level wine. Try to work out a deal to return any wine your guests don’t drink.

I do agree with this. Also, doing a cash bar is not as much as a faux pas as it use to be and in many cases it can help you reach your food and beverage minimum.

-Use simple flowers. Maria McBride, author of “Party Basics for New Nesters,” suggests spreading an affordable flower like daisies or babies breath everywhere, creating foliage-only centrepieces, or putting small plants into an affordable clay or glazed pot. Or make your own vase out of recycled tin cans or wine bottles.

I agree with this. I had a wedding a few years back and the bride told me that she had told her florist that she only wanted to spend $10 per centerpiece. The florals were exquisite.

-Create your own centrepieces. Candles or fruit can save money and look pretty in batches. “Mass out votives everywhere, cluster them in groups of 10 – it enhances the mood and it offers the most affordable bang for the buck,” McBride says.

This is a fun idea. Never underestimate the power of cylinders with floating candles.

-Think rustic. Decor that looks cheap in a hotel ballroom can be charming in a backyard, farm or vineyard. Just pick a spot that specializes in special events or you’ll be saddled with unfortunate extras, like port-a-potties.