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Handfasting Ceremony – Our Specialty

Handfasting Ceremony – Our Specialty

Handfasting is an ancient rite, originating in the custom of tying a couple’s hands together to demonstrate that they are “bound together” in wedlock. Indeed, we still use the phrases “tying the knot,” “getting hitched,” or “joining hands” as common terms for getting married. It was revived in the modern world by Wiccans and has been used as the preferred marriage service of every variety of Pagans for the last fifty years or so.


With a handfasting, the whole ritual is normally constructed by the celebrant and the couple who are to be married to make the day uniquely special and significant to them. This very fluidity makes the rite very appealing to people who want to shape their own ceremony, write their own vows and incorporate elements and symbolism meaningful to them, whether they are Pagan or not, gay or straight.

Many couples believe it is bad luck to “untie” the cords, and so they choose to purchase the cords in order to keep them tied.

We make custom Celtic handfasting cords. They range in price from $30-$50 depending on the materials.