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Wedding Guest Style Guide


Check out this awesome Wedding Guest Style Guide by  The Black Tux, an online tuxedo rental company that offers a well-curated selection of stylish, modern formalwear.  This is a great resource if you are wedding guest trying to figure out what to wear for an upcoming wedding or you are a bride that would like your guests to adhere to a certain style.


When shopping for the perfect ceremony outfit, be sure to remember these key rules:

  • Avoid white. This one should be a given. After all, it’s the bride’s day and you never want to distract from her big moment.
  • When in doubt, overdress. A too-formal dress will always be more forgivable than a pair of skinny jeans.
  • Stay away from distracting colors. Neons and overbearing prints are a no-go. Wedding pictures last a lifetime and you don’t want to stand out for the wrong reasons.
  • Mindful fits. A respectful fit and hemline is a must. Showing off your curves is always empowering, but save the body-con dresses for ladies night.


Happy Planning!!!!