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Wedding Shoes For The Bride

Many brides have such a hard time selecting the right color for their wedding. They have a color in mind yet all the dresses they see just are not the right ones. So instead of beating your head against the wall looking at dresses, change to looking at shoes.
Using shoes to make the right decision will really help you out since you will be able to envision the dress to match the shoes. The shoes will more or less help you with the dress since there are so many different styles for different styles of weddings and times of year.
Think of it this way, you see this really cute pair of shoes. The girls in the wedding fall in love with them too. Now you take the shoes to the dress shop. You show the clerk the shoes and she will be able to direct you to the dresses that will go with the shoes. This solves the endless dilemma of viewing dresses after dresses that none of the girls seems to agree on for the wedding.
Many brides have used this method for finding their attendant’s dresses. They state if they would have discovered the method they would have saved valuable time in the past. They state they discovered the “buy the shoes first” system after mentioning to the dress clerks about how they are becoming frustrated with not finding the right dress.
When you shop for shoes, you will look for the style and the comfortable shoe. The attendants will be wearing the shoe for more than four or five hours so the shoes need to be very comfortable for them. The shoe needs to be stylish as well as functional for the day and most of the evening. Select shoes with comfort inserts.
Forget the pointed toe shoes. They are uncomfortable. If you must have that style, allow your attendants to have a spare pair of shoes for the reception. Just as you will be on your feet for several hours and need the comfortable shoe, so does your attendants. After so many hours in the pointed toe shoe they will be sore and that will not be any fun for them at all.
You can add to the shoe that is plain accessories to the toe areas such as clips with jewels to add to the appearance of the shoe. This can turn a plain shoe into a work of art that has the appeal of the higher priced shoes. The clip can be removed at the reception and worn in the hair if desired.
To find the clip accessories, check with the wedding dress shop, shoe stores or online for the accessories. There are wide varieties to select from to really change the appearance of the shoe.