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Current Trends in Unity Ceremonies

Current Trends in Unity Ceremonies

Many modern brides and grooms tend to make their own traditions when it comes to performing the unity of marriage ceremony. From the unity candle, sand ceremonies, a blessing tree or a religious scripture there are several ways to unify your love and marriage. Below are several current trends to inspire your modern unity ceremony.

unityUnity Candle

The unity candle ceremony traditionally follows the exchanging of the rings. A popular unity ceremony choice amongst both religious and non-denominational couples – the ceremony signifies your union through lighting candles. Two tapers are lit, then joined on one large candle by the bride and groom to form one lit candle of unity. Then the bride blows the groom’s candle out, and the groom follows by blowing the bride’s out for a simple sweet, sentimental moment of marriage.

il_570xn-901696931_1vqaSand Ceremony

This can be very sentimentally sweet for a couple who has a favourite beach or a place with sand that is dear to their hearts. Like the unity candle, the couple takes two vases of sand and pour them into one signifying the unity of marriage. If your wedding is on the beach, you can opt to have your officiant scoop the sand into each vase and unify with the sand in front of you, then keep the vase from the Sand Ceremony as a cherished moment to display at home.


2-wedding-blessing-treeThe Blessing Tree

The Blessing Tree Ceremony signifies the couple growing into one as they spend their life together. This is great for couples who love to spend their time outdoors or like to garden. The tree is traditionally a small sapling that is to be planted after the wedding for the couple. Alternatively, you can use a tree from a craft store to display in your home after the big day. After the exchanging of the vows, the bridal party and parents of the bride and groom all come to the front of the wedding and tie their blessing onto the tree. They embrace the couple afterwards and return to their seats. Afterward, the rest of the guests can tie their notes on at the reception.







Religious Scripture or Poems

Couples can also opt for a reading to signify their unity instead of a ceremony. If you are a religious couple or opt for a religious style ceremony, ask your officiant to suggest some Bible verses or religious scripture to use in place of a traditional unity ceremony. For non-denominational or modern weddings, a favorite poem or passage from a book can be beautiful too!

Top four wedding trends for 2010

Ran across this article about the top four wedding trends for 2010. Enjoy!

Getting married this year? We’ve sourced the top five wedding trends for the year of 2010, guaranteed to make your wedding stand out, stay trendy, and be a day to remember!


Step away from whites and pastels. This year, stick with the only white as your wedding dress, then top it off with black accents and bright colours. Flowers, dresses, accessories and adornments will produce a vibrant background against simple blacks and whites.


Keep it sustainable by choosing to be planet friendly. From vintage wedding dressed to recycled invitations, we’re going a little greener for our big days. Read more in our post Eco-friendly Wedding Ideas.

Along with saving the environment, think about saving a little more in your bank account. Consider having a backyard wedding, either at your own home, a family member or friends, or even a local park or beach. Rustic, casual and money conscious, it’s a private, intimate way to really bring the ceremony home.


Yes, we all love salmon with reduced potato emulsion atop crisp shallot croutons with a side of green bean slivers with almond redux. But really, wouldn’t you rather just have some pizza and macaroni and cheese? More weddings are choosing casual buffets over pricey sit downs, and even opting for making their own menu. You can even easily make your own Coconut Cream Wedding Cupcakes.

Reference: http://arbutusphotography.com/top-four-wedding-trends-for-2010/

OneWed’s Local Flavor: Top 10 Wedding Trends Cheat Sheet

This is a great article I found from OneWed.com. It is a cheat sheet of the Top 10 Wedding Trends for Grooms. Enjoy!
Last month over at OneWed.com we released our Top 10 Wedding Trends. We know that grooms generally don’t want all the detail, so here is your cheat sheet:
1. Personalization is in
What you need to know: You have a good tool for fighting any “must haves” or “cant dos”

2. Bright colors are in
What you need to know: The bridesmaids dresses may be very brightly colored
3. Green is in
What you need to know: Practice saying words like “sustainable” and “eco-friendly.”
4. Grooms are in
What you need to know: Yeah, this is the big one for you. You need to be involved in the planning process. The upside – your opinion matters!

5. Vintage is in
What you need to know: You may be asked to dress like a character from Mad Men. Sweet, yes?
6. Backyard rustic chic is in
What you need to know: Your wedding may take place outside, it may have a small guest list. The color “burnt orange” may be mentioned.
7. Spending more time with your guests is in
What you need to know: Longer cocktail hours, Hooray!

8. Return to romance is in
What you need to know: This is about lace and tulle, nothing you need to know, move along.
9. Food you can eat is in
What you need to know: Donuts, sliders, pizzas, French-fry bars, they’re all on the table to be on the table!
10. Being tech savvy is in
What you need to know: Get a website, or better yet, a Wedding Pre-Party.
Reference: http://groomsadvice.com/2010/03/01/top-ten-wedding-trends-for-grooms/

12 Top Wedding Food Trends

We picked the brains of four top wedding bloggers to compile a list of 12 of this season’s latest food trends. From food trucks to buttoned-up comfort food and “Gatsby”-inspired grub, couples are shying away from the traditional sit-down dinner and getting creative with fun and lighthearted nuptial fare. Our list is sure to inspire, and satisfy, all of you foodie brides-to-be for your big day.