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How To Choose Wine For Your Wedding

Weddings usually serve an alcoholic beverage. Serving wine has become something many couples add to the list since it is a classy beverage that is enjoyed by all age groups and crowds. Add to the appearance of the wine bottle by using some unique methods making a lasting impression on the guests.
Wine stoppers in the theme of the wedding are a nice touch. The stoppers are available in hearts, starfish, wedding bells, and so many other designs to match any wedding theme. The stoppers add personality to every bottle especially if the bottles at set on the individual tables in a basket filled with ice.
Use wine charms with the bottles. The charms added to either the bottles or the wine glasses. They are available in the same cute and classy designs of hearts, wedding bells, bows, as well as custom designs to match your wedding theme including boots for the country wedding for example.
Elegant little bottles of wine are a nice touch to the wine lovers on the guest list. The bottles do not have to be wine since they are also available in sparkling cider for the younger guests. They are also great keepsakes that provide lasting memories.
Another classy touch is having your own wine in a bottle with the names of the bride and groom with the wedding date on the labels. Add a nice picture to the label for more personal touch to the customized wine bottle.
Create your own champagne jelly, which is fast and easy. It is will go with any meal you are serving as well as the wedding cake. To make the jelly offers the tastes of champagne as part of the dessert you serve with the meal.
Use champagne flutes as a wedding favor for the reception. This is a nice gift for all the guests. Fill the flutes with candy in the colors of the wedding theme and sit them on the tables for added decoration. The guests always love little personalized touches at receptions and this will be a nice gift they can take home with them.
There are other wine favors you can use at the reception such as grape coasters and wine bottle serving platters you set the bottles of wine on for the wine lovers on the guest list. They will find this touch classy and stylish. Wine bottle shaped candles can be placed on the tables for an evening wedding to provide the candlelit reception adding the atmosphere of romance centered around the wine theme of the reception.
For the wine lovers that are getting married or the guests of the reception, using the wine favors and decorations will make a lasting impression on everyone sharing your special day.

Wine Lovers Bottle Opener

Your wine loving friends would adore receiving this handy and attractive stainless steel vino wine bottle multi-tool. The wine opener’s handle is cleverly shaped as a wine bottle, and includes a corkscrew, cutter blade, and cap lifter. The opener measures 3 7/8″ x 1″ x 1/2″. You have the option of personalizing it with your initials. Perfect for tailgaters and picnickers.