Unique Ideas For Your Wedding

Having a wedding that everyone remembers is one of the main goals of every couple. They want to have a wedding everyone will enjoy as well as talk about for a long time. They go to great measures to have the best possible wedding and reception they’re capable of.
Planning the perfect wedding and reception is easy as well as possible for any budget. Whether you want a formal or informal wedding, you can make the wedding of your dreams affordable with sticking to a budget and planning early for the special day.
For the wedding invitations, make a beautiful home printed design filled with your imagination by using your computer, your printer, and colored ink. At most stores are card stock or decorative invitations you can customize with your message and theme of the wedding. Save money on the printing fees by using the homemade invitations you create.
To have a unique wedding, purchase an antique style dress from a consignment shop. Get all of the bridal party together and change the current design of the dress to fall into the theme you have selected. Buy the embellishments at the craft store such as lace, floral appliques, and sequins. Add the new decals to the dress. Change the hemline and sleeves to be the dress of your dreams. If you remove any material from the dress, use the extra material for a head piece that matches the dress. Use fabric glue to adhere the decals onto the dress.
Disposable digital cameras set on the reception tables are a great way to get candid shots during the reception. Save the costs of the professional photographer by letting all the guests take the pictures on the special day. They will have fun and make a point of taking different pictures throughout the time of the reception. That is something a professional would charge a large price to do. Save money and allow all your friends and family help make the memories last a lifetime with the photos they will take.
For the reception decorations, place potted artificial flowers in pots on the tables wrapped with a strand of pearls and lace. Use the same color for the flowers that are used in the bridal bouquets. The same type of flowers will not matter as much as the colors. Place the potted creations on the different tables. Leave little pads of paper on the tables for the guests to write their good wishes to the new couple. Decorate the cover of the pads with white lace and material. Add the words “things you remember the most about xxxx and xxxx.” This little keepsake will be cherished when the new couple reads the different memories of the friends and family.