UYP’s Wendy Means’s Answers


Is the officiant available on your wedding date? Please call (406) 850-1879 or email me for available dates.

* Can/will the officiant travel to your chosen wedding site? Of course. Mileage for specific wedding travel incurred during this contract shall be billed at current IRS rate at time of travel. No charge for in or around the Billings area.

* Does the officiant charge a standard fee? Yes, $250.00 Is the fee a donation? No

* How long has the officiant been performing weddings? Just going on a year. Why does he/she do them? There is no better feeling than standing in front of two people in love and watch as they commit themselves to one another.

* Does the officiant have sample wording/ceremonies/readings to show you? Yes, I have a large collection for you and your finance to take home and look through for ideas.

* Will the officiant let you specify ceremony details such as music, readings, and vows? Yes. If choosing a nondenominational officiant, can you include religious touches if desired? Yes, if it is important to you it is important that it be reflected in your ceremony.

* Is the officiant available for a ceremony rehearsal? When you book with me the ceremony rehearsal is included in the cost.

* Would the officiant (and his/her spouse) like to come to the reception and rehearsal dinner? I feel this is really only appropriate for a clergy you feel close to like your families pastor. I believe that you are paying me to officiate the ceremony. I do not believe that you need to pay to feed me.

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