Wedding Centerpiece: Simply Addition to Make Your Centerpiece Unforgettable


Over the course of the winter I will be showing you design ideas from 2008 weddings. I will begin with a centerpiece that always stands out in my mind. It begins with a beautiful flower arrangement in a square vase. Now that by itself is not that special, not that unique, but you add a piece of cloth that is a strong accent color of your color scheme and you have something magnificent. The bonus is that you can pick up the fabric at any fabric/craft store and you will have the peace of mind of two things: 1- you know it is going to be the right color and 2-it will save you money.
Bunch up the cloth and set the centerpiece on it to add depth and texture then place a votive candle on each of the four corners. Remember that different fabrics and textures can produce different effects. For example, this centerpiece was made with a burgundy wine Sparkle Organza, this gives it that “BAM” effect (a lame fabric could produce the same effect). You could use Chiffon Fabric for a more muted effect or a Satin/Silk for a more smooth elegant effect (remember with satin and silk it will not bunch the same so you may need more fabric for the same effect).
I love this centerpiece; it has always stuck out in my mind, which most brides would like to achieve. The strong accent color as part of the centerpiece is an essential detail.