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Great article if you need some ideas for gifts for you best man and ushers. Enjoy!
A List of Traditional and Unique Wedding Presents for Men
Finding the perfect Best Man Gift can be tricky as it needs to be something personal while useful and fit for the occasion. This list of gift ideas has something suitable for any best man, usher or father of the bride. Don’t leave it too close to the wedding day to get the right gift for you guys, use this guide to find something perfect.
Classic Mondaine Swiss Watch for all the Men
Mondaine is the official watch of the Swiss Railway, and each timepiece is beautifully crafted, stylish with a simplistic design on the face and leather strap and they all run perfectly, like the Swiss Railway. Mondaine Watches make the perfect gift for the men at any wedding as the minimalist design goes well with wedding suits, they have space on the back for engraving a special message and they start at around £100 and go up to over £400 so there is one for most budgets.
If there is nothing all the men will want to keep why not take them all to a Premiership Football match, a Rugby League match or to watch International Cricket. The day out will be memorable and could even be the start of a stag weekend or just a nice way to relax with friends before the big day. Depending on the venue tickets can start as low as £10 and go up to over £100 per person. Spending the day with your best man and ushers will not only be a good gift for them but a great day out for the groom as well.
Fun and Funky Alessi Pop Up Bottle Opener
Alessi is well known for its kitchen ware with a beautiful range of products from coffee makers to dental floss holders, but one item that is perfect for the best man, ushers and even father of the groom and bride, is the pop-up bottle opener. This stainless steel dome looks futuristic and opens beer bottles by simply pushing it on and of the top in a quick motion. This gift is practical, especially with the world cup coming up, and is a fun and quirky novelty. This gift is guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of all the guys.
Traditional Hip Flask for Best Man and Ushers
Hip Flasks are probably one of the most traditional gifts given out by the groom to the best man and ushers. A simple stainless steel hip flask can be made more touching and personal with an engraving on the back and it is a gift that they may be unlikely to get on any other occasion. A hip flask may not be used every day but it is a nice keepsake that can be brought out on special occasions and with a message on the back it will become a lovely, personal and meaningful wedding gift.

Read more at Suite101: Wedding Gift Ideas for the Best Man and Ushers: A List of Traditional and Unique Wedding Presents for Men