Wedding Planning: A Fun Reception

The wedding reception is the time to celebrate the wedding vows. It is a chance for the new couple to share their joy with family and friends. To make the reception a unique celebration, plan it with your guests in mind to provide them with the time of their lives.
Avoid making the reception a stiff, formal affair. Make a point of planning a fun event to entertain everyone so they will have a great time. Depending on the location of the reception you have many options for planning a reception that everyone will always remember.
The setup of the reception should be easy and simple. If you are going to have decorations make them in places out of the way of the guests and their views of the room or area. It is frustrating for a guest to miss a special moment like the cutting of the cake or a decoration or a pillar in the reception hall blocks the wedding toast since their view.
To make your reception truly unique, select a location that will be different from other receptions. This then creates the memorable time for the guests and the bridal party.
If you are having a country theme or a beach wedding, have the reception in the areas of the farm for the country wedding and for the beach wedding have it on the beachfront. Have a corn roast or pig roast for a better effect and fun for the reception.
Remember to change into a different dress so you will not ruin your wedding gown. By changing your dress, you will tell your friends and family you are ready to have a good time. There are plenty of nice white dresses that will still allow you to wear white but not ruin the beautiful dress of your dreams.
Think about different locations such as a park where the guests can play horseshoes, volleyball, and maybe a game of baseball. Let your guests know before the wedding to bring a change of clothes so they will be dressed appropriately.
For the sports fan, add sports party favors to the theme of the reception. Have a baseball or football shaped punch bowl or small cakes or party treats. Golf is a sport many enjoy, use a golf tee for the poker on the treats.
A skyscraper is another unique location for the reception. This is a nice place especially at night with the lights of city under the feet of the guests resembling fireflies. That location screams “romance” and will be a very impressive place for your reception.
Have your reception in the local gardens for a nice daytime reception with the continued romantic feeling you are trying to have for your wedding. With all the different possibilities for locations, only you imagination is stopping you from having your reception in a unique location.