Wedding Planning: Getting Started

The first steps of planning the wedding and the special day is to know the colors you want to incorporate for the day. If you do not have any ideas to the colors to use, there are some times to consider. It is important to include your partner in this decision since it is a day for both of you, so make a joint decision for your special day together.
Think about the time of year you are getting married. Typically, summer weddings use pastels for the colors where winter weddings use the rich bright colors. Spring and fall weddings use the same designs for the colors with pastels then bright colors of the season.
Think of where you became engaged for the possible theme of the wedding and reception. You may enjoy the country setting so you incorporate the lace or cowboy boots and hats for the theme and decorations. If you were engaged at the beach, you may use the seashells, water, and waves for the decorations. This could be the theme you use on the invitations and for the decorations.
Decide if you want a formal or informal wedding. Where is the reception to be held? What kind of meal will you be serving? All of this is part of creating your special day. The wedding and reception does not have to be huge to be something everyone will enjoy. The point of the day is to share the new beginning of the joining of the couple. Friends and family will be happy to share the day with you anyway you decide to have your day.
When you select the theme, you will create the mood of anticipation for the day with your wedding invitation. The invitation uses the theme you have selected within the print and design of the invitation. It is your first contact with your guests stating how the day will designed and how you will be celebrating your new beginnings.
Traditional weddings include champagne but you can still have a different type of wedding with the champagne. You can use the champagne for the main toasts then have other alcohol served keeping with the traditional toasts serving the drink of etiquette. Most weddings will have the champagne with wine or an open bar for the guests. Based on your budget you may opt for the bar for your quests.
Use the theme of the day for your cake. You want to incorporate the theme into the cake as a stylish fashion statement. Use real flowers around to the cake carrying the theme of the bouquets make a very nice touch to the cake table. For the beach theme wedding, adding seashells and sand spread on the cake table provides the feeling of being at the beach.
If you like roses or lilies then use them in the wedding, as decorations at the reception, and on the invitations. The flowers are beautiful and refreshing providing an added touch to everything you will use them with for your special day. Use place cards on the guest tables at the reception hall with the flowers as an added touch of decoration.
The wedding dress the only article of clothing everyone will really notice the day of the wedding. The wedding dress is the one area the clothing selected for the day needs careful consideration. Use the same theme of the wedding for your dress. Use the dress as a main focal point to announce the theme and have it incorporate the theme with style and grace.
You will be happy with the results of the day when you feel you have made everything right into place so take time to go over every little detail to make your wedding the one you have dreamed of since childhood.