Wedding Themes By The Season

Most brides have an idea of what they want to do for their wedding theme while others have a harder time deciding. The average weddings will take place in the hometowns or in the United States. Here are the standard month-by-month wedding themes and colors to help decide the right colors for your wedding.
March and April is a wonderful time for the spring wedding with the new spring colors and flowers. Lilies of the Valley and Shasta daisies, daffodils, and tulips are the spring flowers. Pastel colors of purple, yellow, pink, and light blue are the colors used including light greens and peach colors.
Some of the popular themes include Cherry Blossom, butterfly, and dragonflies. Light and springy items of the springtime are the general type of themes. Other themes include St. Patrick’s Day or something Irish.
May, June, and July are the summer wedding associated with the gardens, beaches, and countrysides or parks. The colors are brighter using fuchsia, hot pink, orange, green with contrasts of black, chocolate, gray, or aqua.
The themes include Gardens, Daisies, Victorian Gardens, beaches, starfish, Hawaiian Luau, Nautical, Poolside, Patriot, fairy tales, country, and south of the border.
The color themes incorporate all shades of green, cornflower blue, orange, fuchsia, aqua blue, teal green, and aubergine.
August, September, and October are the fall weddings. The darker colors such as pumpkin orange, cinnamon, dark purple, dark blue, hunter green, burgundy, mocha, chocolate brown, rust, and gold.
The themes include Harvest time, Halloween, Tuscan, and Labor Day celebrations.
November is colors include gold, creams, browns, dark orange, dark blues, dark greens, and darker reds. The use of black with red or hunter greens are a favorite as well. The themes are around the harvest and Thanksgiving themes.

December, January, and February are the winter months associated with the bright vibrant winter colors of red, gold, green, white, silver, and blue as anything metallic or shiny. Adding the black color to any of the main colors create a wonder and attractive style for the wedding.
The themes are associated with the holidays of Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day, Winter Wonderland, as well as crystal and diamond themes. Adding the dark purples, the combination of black and white, white and red, and blue and gold are also associated with this time of the year.
As with all suggested colors and themes for weddings, the final decision for the themes and colors are up to the wedding couple. They can make any theme and colors look just beautiful for their wedding during any month they are getting married. The concept of this list is to offer assistance for wedding color and theme ideas. The true test of the right colors and themes is how comfortable the bridal pair is with their decision.